Environmentally Friendly Fasteners

Environmentally Friendly Fasteners

Fasteners go Green with MAGNI Coatings

Everyone cares about the environment, and using less toxic chemicals when applying fastener coatings is another way to achieve this without sacrificing profitability or performance. Many traditional fasteners coatings contain cadmium or hexavalent-chromium - potentially hazardous substances. Magni 565 is a duplex fastener coating system that combines an inorganic zinc rich basecoat with an aluminum-rich organic topcoat.

Military & Commercial Fasteners Corp. specializes in supplying Fasteners and Components applied with MAGI coatings. Magni 565 has been formulated as a two-coat system, providing a cost advantage while maintaining superior corrosion resistance. Friction modifiers are integrated into the Magni 565 topcoat, providing repeatable torque tension characteristics during assembly. Magni 565 is designed for use on externally threaded fasteners, stampings and other types of hardware. This product can be applied via dip-spin or spray and is available in a variety of colors such as silver, black, tan and green. Magni 565 is currently the preferred finish on fasteners at many automotive and military equipment manufacturers.

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