Contract Requirements

  • CR1 - Chemical/Physical Test Reports

    With each shipment the Supplier shall provide all actual chemical, mechanical, and/or physical test results pertaining to the material shipped under this purchase order with traceability to the original mill/manufacturer, heat lot, and country of origin as applicable. The reports must list the specification and revision level the test(s) were performed to.

  • CR2 - Product Conformance

    The Supplier is responsible for performing or having performed all inspections and tests necessary to substantiate that the supplies or services furnished under this contract conform to contract requirements, including any applicable technical requirements for specified manufacturer's parts. By delivering the item(s) of this order, the Supplier certifies compliance to all requirements of the applicable drawings and specifications of the revision current at the time of shipment, unless otherwise specified in the purchase order. Upon request, the Supplier will make available, at no additional cost to the Buyer, all records necessary to support evidence of such compliance.

  • CR3 - Certificate of Conformance (C of C)

    Supplier shall include a legible Certificate of Conformance (C of C) with each shipment certifying that all items/materials supplied meet all purchase order requirements, including referenced drawings, specifications and standards. At a minimum, the C of C shall reference the purchase order number, the part number and revision, of the specified applicable documents and revisions as listed on the purchase order.

  • CR4 - Source Control

    Item configuration note(s) provides a list of approved sources of supply and the supplier’s item identification for the item that has been qualified and approved for use. If material is purchased from a supplier or distributor not specified in the notes, evidence must be provided that the supplier specified in the notes actually manufactured the material.

  • CR5 - Inspection/Test Data Reports

    All of the Supplier/Manufacturer’s actual inspection and/or test data for the item shall be submitted by the Supplier with the shipment of the item. As applicable, the data shall include the following information:

    • Part Number
    • Serial Number
    • Quantity of Parts
    • Identification of each characteristic inspected/tested.
    • Actual inspection/test results
    • Date of inspection/test
    • Inspector’s signature, stamp or initials,
    • Indication of First Piece (when applicable)
  • CR6 - First Piece Inspection (First Article)

    A single item from the first production lot shall be selected for inspection of all drawing characteristics. First piece documentation shall include the following:

    • Actual dimensions for all dimensions on the drawing
    • Verification of all drawing notes
    • Material Certifications
    • Certification for all special/secondary processes (plating, welding, etc).
    • Certification of Conformance
    • In-process/final test
  • CR7 - Plating

    The supplier shall provide written certification documenting that the plating was performed in accordance with drawing and purchase order requirements. The facility actually performing the plating shall prepare the certification. When baking for hydrogen embrittlement (HE) relief is required, the certification shall define the required bake time at temperature and contain a statement that the items were baked at the required temperature for the required minimum time specified in accordance with the required revision level of the specification. Certification must include as a minimum:

    • Part number
    • Purchase order number
    • Plating process specification used and revision level
    • Baking temperature
    • Baking time
    • A statement that the baking operation was started within 3 hours of plating completion
    • Complete lot traceability to all certifications
    • Signature/title of the Supplier’s representative
    • Report date
  • CR8 - Heat Treat

    With each shipment, the Supplier shall provide a written certification that heat treatment was performed in accordance with drawing and purchase order requirements. Actual hardness results shall be recorded on the certification showing compliance with the hardness range called-out on the drawing/purchase order. Both the specification(s) and revision level must be listed on the certification. When heat treating is performed by a facility other than the Supplier shown on the purchase order, the name of that subcontractor and a copy of the certificate furnished by the subcontractor for the heat treatment shall be furnished.

  • CR9 - Mercury

    With each shipment, the Supplier shall provide certification that the material shipped under the purchase order does not contain functional mercury in any form and that no mercury-bearing instruments and/or equipment that might cause contamination have been used in the manufacture, fabrication, assembly, or testing of any material shipped under the purchase order.

  • CR10 - Material traceability and identification

    All material traceable to a heat/lot number shall maintain its traceability throughout the entire manufacturing process. Likewise, all material maintained in inventory shall be traceable to its heat/lot number. It is the Supplier’s responsibility to maintain on file, and provide upon request, all documentation associated with the material including, but not limited to, the purchase order under which the material was procured, the physical and chemical test reports and any secondary processing certifications.

  • CR11 - Quality requirements

    The supplier shall maintain on file, and provide upon request, objective quality evidence demonstrating compliance to all the requirements of the drawing and purchase order.

  • CR12 - Commercial off the shelf (COTS) parts

    These parts are commercially available products that are not specifically designed for one specific application. In most cases, drawings and/or specifications may not be available. These types of parts are typically ordered and controlled by part number and description only. COTS items will require a certificate of conformance and/or a packing slip as the objective quality evidence where no other evidence is available.

  • CR13 - Qualified products list

    Any items furnished on this purchase order applicable to a Government Products List/Database as defined by the specification(s) (i.e. paint products, pre-treatment chemicals, electrical connectors, etc.) must be manufactured by a Government-approved source.

  • CR14 - DFARS certification

    With each shipment, the Supplier shall provide certification that the material shipped under the purchase order complies with the following:

    • DFARS 252.225-7009: Restriction on Acquisition of Certain Articles Containing Specialty Metals.
  • CR15 - Drawing/Specification revision levels

    Unless specifically called-out differently on the drawing and/or purchase order, all parts and processes are to be in accordance with the most current revision of standards and/or drawings specified.