Heating & Cooling Fasteners

When you’re responsible for making the machines that create a comfortable environment, there’s no room for a breakdown — in your equipment, or your supply chain.

Comfort requires accuracy

When you’re responsible for making the machines that create a comfortable environment, there’s no room for a breakdown — in your equipment, or your supply chain.

MCF supplies durable components to heating and cooling manufacturers, delivering quality parts exactly when you need them. Even better: our responsive team works to understand your processes – and your problems. When you partner with MCF, you get people working to provide solutions that help you do your job better…more efficiently

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HVAC Fastener Supplier Advantages

Work with a fastener supplier that has been in the heating & cooling industry for over 45 years

Back up your promise icon Back up your promise

When you warranty the performance of your products, you’re putting your guarantee on the integrity of every part that goes into it. At MCF, we emphasize meticulous testing and inspection of our materials and our processes — that enhances your equipment’s value and supports the guarantees you make to your customers.

Design for efficiency icon Design for efficiency

Have a complex design or engineering challenge? MCF maintains an in-house team that develops or modifies designs to make parts perform better. We can also help you streamline your production.

Full-service support icon Full-service support

MCF can provide your company with a comprehensive logistics operation, leaving you to focus on your business. We’ll handle your light assembly, and you’ll save square footage in your warehouse, reduce overhead and eliminate the headaches of managing parts and labor. By delivering on-time sub-assemblies, MCF reduces your production timeframe.

Ready for your busy season icon Ready for your busy season

We use our 45+ years of experience and technology to forecast from March to October in your selling season. By analyzing and understanding your unique production needs, MCF makes sure you have components on hand – you keep production running smoothly and products ready to ship.

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Smallest parts of your system. Integral role.

Trusted to keep these respected companies production lines running.

General Dynamics
Johnson Controls

Transparency, honesty, long-term planning

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Heating & Cooling Fasteners

Nuts & Bolts Services

Fastener supply chain and distribution services

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Oversee a complex inventory of fasteners? You know the pitfalls: 100's of line items, part shortages, excess inventory, and more.

Vendor Managed Inventory
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High Precision Machining

Some manufacturers simply don’t have the resources to create a complicated, mission-critical part.

High Precision Machining
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Kitting + Packaging

Faster assembly, fewer errors. With prepackaged components, you gain huge advantages — if it’s done right.

Kitting + Packaging
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Third-party Logistics

Packaging, inventory, distribution, fulfillment … the details can weigh down any business — or worse, your bottom line.

Third-party Logistics