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    If you oversee a complex inventory of fasteners, you know the pitfalls: the manhours squandered ordering and handling materials, parts shortages that stifle production, wasteful excess inventory, and more. With MCF’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program, SecureTrak, you get proven technology that eliminates these problems.

    Our team starts by working with you to develop and implement a custom program to meet your specific needs. MCF’s positive barcode scanning automates ordering, fulfillment and inventory management … you reap the benefits: inventory reductions of 80+%, elimination of human error, greater efficiency, higher productivity and more.

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Small parts. Big Impact.

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BAE Systems
Ames TrueTemper
Johnson Controls

True pride and integrity in their work. Reliability is great and the people are easy to work with.

Jill D., Supply Chain Manager. Martin Baker

Oversee a complex inventory of fasteners?

You know the pitfalls: the manhours squandered ordering and handling materials, parts shortages that stifle production, wasteful excess inventory, and more.

Full automation icon Full automation

MCF’s Wireless Warehouse Management System deploys positive barcode scanning to automate ordering, fulfillment and inventory management. Timely delivery, no excess stock, no wrong parts.

Zero defects icon Zero defects

SecureTrak eliminates manual entry — and human mistakes. MCF automatically retrieves code scans to generate mistake-free orders. Other key benefits: full-item configuration control, full-lot traceability, and reduced product liability.

Serious time savings icon Serious time savings

With SecureTrak, the manhours spent on materials handling can be redirected to enhance your production. And, with just one purchase order per contract, you eliminate tedious administrative tasks.

Free up space … and cash flow icon Free up space … and cash flow

Manufacturers who choose SecureTrak VMI reduce inventory by 80% or more. That opens up space on your production floor — and eliminates the cost that comes with an unnecessary surplus of components.

Focus on production, not pieces icon Focus on production, not pieces

SecureTrak eliminates the headaches of managing thousands — or millions—of components, leaving you with a more efficient, more productive operation.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Oversee a complex inventory of fasteners? You know the pitfalls: 100's of line items, part shortages, excess inventory, and more.

Vendor Managed Inventory
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High Precision Machining

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Kitting + Packaging

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