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    Faster assembly, fewer errors. With prepackaged components, you gain huge advantages — if it’s done right. But what if a single part is missing? What if your order never arrives? MCF starts by understanding your problems, and your process. Then, we craft a program designed to meet your goals.

    With MCF, you get a kitting program built for on-time delivery, quality — and industry-leading accuracy. Our carefully calibrated kitting and packaging system — automatic poly baggers, custom barcoding, and more —enables you to focus on fast, efficient assembly.


Kitting program built for on-time delivery, quality

Our carefully calibrated kitting and packaging system — automatic poly baggers, custom bar coding, and more —enables you to focus on fast, efficient assembly.

Produce more, faster icon Produce more, faster

All-in-one kits boost productivity dramatically — your floor spends time assembling your products, not gathering fasteners. Your customer's frustrations & anxiety are greatly lowered using prepackaged parts when they assemble your product.

Simple = savings icon Simple = savings

By kitting your fasteners, MCF streamlines your supply chain, reducing the time and hassle of ordering and managing your parts inventory. Bonus: you’ll never have the frustration of production delays due to an outage a single fastener.

99.99% accuracy icon 99.99% accuracy

We built our time-tested process around equipment designed to give you fast delivery with zero mistakes: electronic counting eyes, automated poly baggers, automated poke-yoke scales, and more.

A custom fit icon A custom fit

We set up our industry-leading kitting facility for your success. We offer a vast array of fasteners and kit sizes — and provide customized bar-coding and label formatting.

Fewer manufacturing errors icon Fewer manufacturing errors

Everything you need for assembly, all in one place. That reduces the chances for a product with a missing or misused part.

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BAE Systems
Ames TrueTemper
Johnson Controls

True pride and integrity in their work. Reliability is great and the people are easy to work with.

Jill D., Supply Chain Manager. Martin Baker

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